About Nepal

Status and Trend of Poverty in Nepal

Understanding Poverty  Poverty is a multidimensional, most challenging, and complex issue in the world. It is a problem of economic development of most of the developing countries like Nepal as poverty as an adverse effect on social, economic, cultural, environmental, political, physical, mental, educational, health, etc. sectors. Hence, the main objective of most of the …

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An Introduction to Nepal at a Glance

Nepal formally is the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is a small mountainous country in South Asia. China lies to the north of Nepal and India lies in the east, west, and south of Nepal. It lies between latitudes 26022’ to 300 27’ north and longitudes 8004’ 880 12’ and east. The average east-west length is 885 kilometre and north-south width is 144 to 241 kilometres.

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