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The study of microeconomics for business is essential for understanding how decisions are made in different areas that are highly relevant to the student. The content covered in this course is applicable to both the individual and the firm.

What Will I Learn?

  • To enhance understanding of the microeconomic theories and develop their own skills in using these theories in business decision making.
  • To analyze how individual decision-makers, both consumers and producers, behave in a variety of economic environments.

Topics for this course

53 Lessons

Unit 1: Introduction

Meaning and scope of Microeconomics
Uses, Importance, and Limitations of Microeconomics
Concept and Features of Managerial Economics
Subject Matter and Area of Managerial Economics
Production Possibility Curve
Marginal Analysis
Incremental Analysis
Economic Statics
Economic Dynamics
Ten Principles of Economics

Unit 2: Market Equilibrium and Efficiency

Unit 3: Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Unit 4: Analysis of Consumer’s Behavior

Unit 5: Theory of Production

Unit 6: Cost and Revenue Curves

Unit 7: Product Pricing Theories and Practices

Unit 8: Theory of Factor Pricing

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Meaning and Scope of Microeconomics

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Target Audience

  • Students who are engaged in Management Stream for their Bachelor's Degree.
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