Microeconomics – MA Economics First Sem

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Microeconomics – MA Economics First Sem program offers a deep understanding of topics in economics. It provides in-depth theoretical and empirical knowledge in order to analyze the social and economic challenges of our time.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course intends to equip the students with the methods and tools of economic analysis for giving advanced knowledge of microeconomic theory.
  • Ways to apply the knowledge in formulating and analyzing economic models and theories.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Unt-1 Methodological Concepts

Equilibrium: Meaning and Existence
Equilibrium and Stability Test
Analysis of Equilibrium: Economic Statics
Analysis of Equilibrium: Comparative Statics
Analysis of Equilibrium: Economic Dynamics
Model in Economics: Definition and Importance
Types of Economic Model/Model in Economics
Choice between Models
Methods of Analysis-Deductive Method
Methods of Analysis-Inductive Method
Methods of Analysis-Hypothetico-Deductive Method
Importance of Assumptions, Hypothesis, and Empiricism in Economics
Scientific Paradigm of Economics

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Very much informative.....looking forward for remaining unit to cover...and thanku for the valuable content..!

Thank you, for this helpful content. Looking forward for remaining unit.

Thank you

Microeconomics - MA Economics First Sem

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