Expenditure Method and Effect on Monetary Management

The measurement of national income accounts by using expenditure method and monetray management or currency management are closely related to each other. The spending method records all the spending made by economic sectors on domestically produced final goods and services during a particular time. The article tries to explain the measurement of GDP by expenditure

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The Objectives of Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is an important tool for any country’s economic development and overall economic stability. The objectives of monetary policy may vary from country to country depending on the economic and social condition of the country and other needs. Even in the same country, monetary policy has different objectives at different times. The main objectives

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Basic Terminologies of National Income

The key terminologies/(basic terminologies of National Income) related to national income are briefly explained below. Domestic Territory of a Country United Nations states that economic or domestic territory is the geographical territory, governed by a government within which, individuals, goods, and capital distribute freely. It includes the following geographic or electoral boundaries: Normal Residents of

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Major Properties of the Cobb-Douglas Production Function

In this article, we explain the major properties of the Cobb-Douglas production function Introduction to Cobb Douglas Production Function The Cobb-Douglas production function is an empirical production function developed by Charles W. Cobb (American Mathematician) and Paul H. Douglas (American Economist) based on empirical studies of various manufacturing industries of the USA. This production function

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Macroeconomics and Business Environment

This article explains the relationship between macroeconomics and the business environment Macroeconomics and Business Environment Macroeconomics is the study of relationships and behavior of aggregate economic variables such as national income, the total level of employment, total consumption, investment and saving, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, general price level, trade cycle, etc. The values and changes in

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