July 7, 2020

Methodological Issues in Economics

Meaning of Methodology in Economics Every science follows certain methods for the formulation of its laws, principles, and theories. Since economics is a science, it also adopts certain methods for the discovery and formulation of its laws and principles thus there are certain methodological issues in economics. There are some writers, who recognize the claim […]

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Process and Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statement analysis is a technique of answering various questions regarding the performance of a firm in the past, present, and future. The analysis enables financial managers to recommend steps to be taken for the correction of faults. Here is a brief introduction to the process and techniques of financial statement analysis. The need for

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Role of Financial Statements

Financial Statements-Meaning After setting a goal of the corporation and designing the tasks and decisions accordingly the duty of the corporate manager is to report the stakeholders about the corporation’s affairs. The shareholders are the real owner of an organization. Therefore, corporate managers have to report the shareholders about the organizational financial matters that affect

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