MA in Economics, Tribhuvan University

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MA in Economics, Tribhuvan University is a semester base two-year program consisting of four semesters. The student will have to go through various compulsory papers and specialized paper. The first two semesters consist of core courses and are compulsory for the student, whereas the last two semesters consist of specialized courses from which student can choose their interested courses.

The students of economics are awarded the Master’s of Arts in Economics degree after the successful completion of the prescribed course. The examinations are conducted on a semester basis by the Office of Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Tribhuvan University.

Each paper of students under the semester system is evaluated internally and externally. The internal evaluation carries 40 marks and the written examination carries 60 marks. The final grade is received as a GPA score.


Eligibility of Admission

  • The students having Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with major economics from TU or any other universities recognized by TU
  • Students with BA equivalent degrees in Mathematics, Management, Engineering (At least 300 marks in mathematics or economics or econometrics) are also eligible to apply.
  • Students must pass the entrance examinations which consist of 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ) covering the content of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Quantitative Techniques, and Contemporary Development Issues.

Entrance Examination Model Question.

Curricular Structure

I Semester
551Micro Economics – I4
552Macro Economics – I4
553Mathematical Methods4
554Economics of Development &Planning – I3
Total Credit15
II Semester
555Micro Economics – II4
556Macro Economics – II4
557Statistical Methods4
558Economics of Development & Planning- II3
Total Credit15
III Semester
559Monetary Economics3
560Public Economics – I3
561Research Methodology3
Optional (Any two: Six credit)
Environmental Economics3
International Economics3
564Economic Demography3
565 (A)Managerial Economics3
Industrial Economics3
Economics of Agricultural Development3
563History of Economic Thought3
Total Credit15
IV Semester
565 (B)Financial Economics3
566Public Economics – II3
567Nepalese Economy3
Optional (Nine credit from the following)
570Thesis writing6
568Mathematical Economics3
Natural Resource Economics3
International Finance and Economic Cooperation3
569Economics of Human Resource Development3
Applied Statistics3
Economics of Energy3
Economics of Tourism3
Health Economics3
Total Credit18

MA in Economics Syllabus (Download)

Passing Grade and Grading System

The internal evaluation and external examination shall carry 40% and 60% weightage respectively. The final grade will be determined by the overall performance in internal and external examinations conducted by the FOHSS.

The students shall receive their semester grades and academic transcript grades only in letter grades and GPA scores as given.

GradeCGPAPercentage EquivalentPerformance Remark
A4.090 and aboveDistinction
A-3.780 – 89.9Very Good
B+3.370 – 79.9First  Division
B3.0 60 – 69.9Second Division
B-2.750 – 59.9Pass in individual subject
F0Below 50Fail

Students must secure a minimum of a grade ‘B-‘ or grade point 2.7 in order to pass the individual subject. In order to pass the semester examination, students must secure a minimum of Grade ‘B’ or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0.

MA Economics Entrance 2022

NOTICE Registration Instruction

For more detail : Central Department of Economics

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